This page is about who lives at Promise House and those who are part of the wider family under the Promise umbrella.

In the community house, as in all NCCC houses, accommodation is, of course, segregated, with a single men’s section, single women’s section, and married couples and families in their own sets of rooms. People under 18 cannot normally live in community unless their parents are there, and child protection policies are carefully applied.

Committing to community life, including joining in the common purse, is a serious choice and people are advised to consider it carefully, stay for trial periods, and they may not pool capital until a probationary period is over. It is not for the gung ho or hasty. See the mJa website for more information on how community may be joined.

I’m Piers, who started this website. I’m not going to detail everyone here because the Web is so public, but we are easy to contact if you want to know more about our community and our church and God.

 I’m at the back looking serious while two others pray for a friend. Working as a team, caring for each other, finding God together – these are some of our ways.

We currently have three couples living in, one with a baby, one expecting, and one in their 50’s who are the main house ‘parents’. I am one of four single men in the ‘brothers’ section of the house, plus three others who are staying temporarily. In one section of the house (with two of the couples) are four single women.

‘Family’ is a keynote and we enjoy friendship, laughter, teasing, situations, occasional outings, meals together, sharing hearts, pains and joys. We all go through illness, family changes, job issues, spiritual growth, tiredness, fun and so on – and it is good to share it all.




  1. hi piers do you rember me my name is henry from ireland

    • Can’t put a face to you, but glad to hear you’re ok. What is your surname?

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