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Replacing Relationships

missing youI have been in Sheffield for a month now out of 6 that I expect to spend here.

People have been ‘strangers in a strange land’ throughout history, far from friends and family for many reasons.

They migrate for work or living space or ‘gold in them thar hills’. They travel as soldiers and sailors, or are moved as prisoners and captives. They flee trouble, seek greener pastures, or are simply restless.
(Not that I am far from home or without friends that I knew here before).

What I wonder is how replaceable relationships are.

You can marry and start another family after losing one.
You can build up a new network of friends from scratch in a new location, even in a new culture and language.

How important then are particular relationships, or is one completely equivalent to another?
Functionally the latter is true; migrants can flourish.
Objectively each relationship is unique, because the individuals forming it are unique; and it feels like that.


But do we make too much of individuality and uniqueness, and is it a construct of western society? Is the group, the clan, the society more important than the units comprising it anyway, and my feelings and views are insignificant? God replaced a whole generation of Israelites in the wilderness but still had his people.

A native American leaving home with a few to found a new colony across the mountains perhaps felt the same grief at parting as I do – or perhaps never thought about it because his identity was the tribe. But we get over it, move on – and of course enjoy reunions when they are possible.

We ourselves change as well, and many relationships do not stand the test of time. So why worry about certain ones of blood and love that may be lost along the way? C’est la vie.

God commands us to love, first our Christian brother, then widely. This is not possessive; it is expansive, generous, other-centred. My contentment is secondary by a long chalk.
Then do I need certain relationships that hold me deeply enough to be able to stay on track in life? Yes, but those too are replicable.
In a living church brotherhood we can find a depth of relationship, a measure of spiritual union. Almost by definition this can be made up of anyone from anywhere.
Is that the same as meeting the need for human love and friendship? It should be, with human friendship and marriage relationships being subject to the good of the brotherhood-tribe and its spiritual life.

But even within that is there any case for special relationships that are irreplaceable, even though comparable ones can take their place? It can feel like they are irreplaceable and feel very hard to lose them. It is how we do in fact work, even though we are resilient and able to get over many things. How can a mother or father or childhood friend or spouse or brother in arms be replaced exactly?

To hold one as special, to commit to this or that relationship as irreplaceable, is asking for pain, because parting is one of the currencies of life. But pain and love go together; if I feel no pain at parting then my loving is limited. The deeper the love the harder the pain.
God’s love for me or you was unlimited and cost Jesus immeasurable pain, so to be like him we put love in every relationship, whether passing or lasting, and migration will prove costly.

So be it.

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The Test of Time

TimeTime is not on our side.
Time is a great healer.
Which side is time on?

I don’t think it heals much, except that a natural process of healing takes time. Apart from that, ‘the wounds in time are never healed’ to quote my first ever poem from a sixth form English lesson in 1969.  It went, as far as I can recall:

If I could melt through the dark mirror of Alice’s awareness
Would I find there a dreaming world
quaint figures gambling over a checquered landscape
or not?
Through the mirror ages breathe
Mud and flies swirl in the fields
Blood flows hot and millions seethe
The wounds in time are never healed
Only forgotten

What I meant then was that time and memory make whimsical what was in its time brutally or happily real.

What I mean now is that memory in fact retains contact with that reality.
I have seen a man address the memory of his brother who jumped off Arthur’s Seat to his death twenty years before, and he found that the buried (whimsical?) pain was both real and possible to face this time.

So in that sense time allows events to be cold stored by memory to be faced at a later date. Is that kind? It is kind of God to enable such resolution. Time is the checquer board on which it is played out.

But mainly I think that time is not on our side. It won’t stop, even if we try and blank it out, escape, hide, sleep. We manage an illusion of time standing still occasionally, but it is only that, an illusion.

The moving point, the interface between yestermoment and nextmoment, in which we are trapped and carried, stops for no man. We cannot really pause or tell it to stop while we catch our breath. We can only find lacunae of similar moments, strung like beads, which feel like stasis, but are another illusion. That at least is merciful.

On the other hand, this heartless device will not accelerate either. Life is a waiting game, I often say. And when the waiting must be months or years, how immoveable they are, how disinterested and tedious, like a prison itself.
Yes we do in this case have the option of diversion, to erase the awareness of the slowness and the gulf ahead, or of oblivion – sleep or anaesthesia, which allow one to skip small chunks of the maddeningly slow progress. A coma seems attractive if available, but one cannot simply deny life in most cases.

Does time exist, the fourth dimension? Is it merely a function of observers? It simply defines change, which must be real if not imagined.
We are all figments of God’s imagination, and time must be part of that, part of the testbed of our hearts.

And a test it is.

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He Is I am

CreationThe basis of existence is a person who is glorious love, light, majesty, purity.
No God, no existence. Existence is from him.

He willed to create and a universe sprang out from nothing but his will.
There is nothing beyond God.

No universe before the beginning, and no time – but no origin of anything if no person to originate.

No thing can come from nothing, including a reason for existence.

Being is a person of love.

God is because he is, because love can be, because being is being in him, and all consciousness, all beauty and terror, all order and chaos, have their source in him.

He is first cause, un-begun, self sufficient, complete, effulgent perfection, with no before or beyond or origin except in himself.

‘Before Abraham was, I am’, Jesus said; the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.The Lamb slain from before the foundation of the earth.

Nothing could be made that held together except by a perfect being.
No evil could arise except that allowed to rebel against good, a lack of good.

No thought or reason or love could occur except from an order that is decreed in the structure of all things, from God.

If we are an accident of chance, then chance itself originated from the nature of things – which came from nothing?
Or from him.

And God said ‘Let there be light’.
And it was good.


Picture from

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The Practice of the Presence of God (in verse)

In the Practice of the Presence
Lawrence gives such helpful words
Keep denying gifts God gives you
that are not himself declared

If you truly want to seek him
Turn from trifles and from sin
Faith is better than our rituals
Simply offer all to him

Giving to him unrewarded
was his aim but yet denied
Four years feeling lost, still loving
Then a sinner loved despite

He would set himself a good task
saying Lord I could not do
this unless you me enabled
and found strength and extra too

When he was sent off on business
which was painful and inept
He told God that It’s your business
had no care, God greatly helped

Having hard aversion first to
kitchen work, he prayed for grace
Did it all for love of God and
found it easy in these ways

Loving God did not need special
times of prayer, for when at work
he did all for God quite freely
Sin confession caused no hurt

Fighting thoughts was often all he
managed in a time of prayer
Duty cannot blot one sin out
Loving God does get us there

As for me here in the cellar
Cornered by my brethren well
Letting go of hopes of pleasure
Lord be gracious, be my all

I stand at the threshold looking
into unknown country now
Be my guide, my heart’s companion
If she can’t be, on I’ll plough

Faith applying to each matter
work and church, Lord lead the way
Great concerns  I’ll lay before you
And the whole, order, I pray

Lawrence scarce anticipated
tasks approaching to be done
But in God as in a mirror
found his help when they had come

Once abandoned to God simply
Doing all for love of him
All he wanted was to think of
God, renouncing self within

God is present, ask his help and
seek his will in what is grey
Do his will well, offer tasks up
Thank him for his grace always

Acts of special piety don’t
do much good, but better are
common deeds done not for self but
love of God, these bless the heart

Times of prayer should be no different
than our normal working life
Little deeds with love for him are
better habits to derive

Faith and hope and love are all that
need be cultivated now
Aim to worship God per-fectly
let depending on him grow

When we see how wretched we are
it will be no shock to need
trials and troubles to improve us
So rely on God in need

He was happy picking up a
straw for love of God he said
Seeking only him, not even
what he gives, nought else instead

Blessed struggle, so refusing
gifts for God himself who gave
And in hiding from rewards to
do for love if so he may

We are satisfied with little
With a moment’s loving God
He has boundless treasures for us
Break the dam down, let’s go on

If the little boat is battered
by the storm, our soul’s distress
He within us shall awaken
calm the wind and with us rest

I’m the man of folly, fearing
loss of love, of church, of health
Ageing, fretting for the future
Let me drink of Jacob’s well

Lawrence says like others have done
God desires to own your heart
So it must be emptied out of
all else that from him departs

Living in converse with God is
more delightful than all lives
But the motive should not be that
Only love the best way is

How we need God’s grace and favour
So resolve to live always
in his presence, it’s essential, no
matter if it causes pain

He deprived his body often
of small consolations so
then God be his one desire
Keeping him deep in his soul

Keep on coming back to God in
work or prayer, whatever helps
Nature may find it distasteful
Persevere, ‘waste time’, it’s best

God asks only we remember
him in thanks and lifted hearts
He is nearer than we reckon
here within us, let us start

Little offerings will please him
of your heart throughout the day
So whatever we may suffer
we are with him, he with grace

He was troubled for some years by
all his sins, and faith alone
kept him trusting God, his presence
until one day he came home

Since then he did every action
only so to please his Lord
He would not wish to pick up a
straw but for the love of God

Outer forms of prayer and worship
are replaced by turning with
love to God inside, conversing
without words, such joy he gives

He confesses all his ugly
sinfulness but finds that God
only loves his company and
cherishes, rebukes him not

Turning with a loving interest
On the ‘breasts of God’ he clings
If he has to go aside his
heart’s sweet urging back him brings

Is this slothful, as some called it?
God must undeceive if so
His desire was to be shaped by
God his image more to show

A small heart lifting suffices
Small remembrance of our God
Movement of the heart in worship
Such brief prayers are counted good

Minds will wander, bring it humbly
like a beggar at the gate
Not with struggle but in quietness
Stay in presence through the day

Left us often have in mind that
our sole business in this life
is to please God, all the rest is
foolishness and but vain strife

God bestows great graces on us
but ill-use I’ve made of them
Let’s come back, renounce all that is
not of him, trust him again

Grace abundant us enables
to do all things to be sure
Without that we can do nothing
except sin – think of him more

We need God’s help to avoid the
dangers that this life presents
So let’s ask him by this habit
Think of him, find his presence

If a friend is visiting you
would you then neglect them? No
Don’t neglect your God, stay with him
Worship, think of him alone

Nailed to a cross of suffering
God knows when to free you for
sickness and affliction save us
He is nearer then for sure

Trust in God more than in med’cine
He would heal your soul as well
Never mind if well or troubled
Pleasure without him is hell

I see God by faith which teaches
and at times could say I do
even see no more believing
This consoles me this life through

Let me live in your life Jesus
Life to love and work in hope
Life to give to others freely
Life that does much more than cope

Life of God, the Holy Spirit
Life we share, that always grows
Life of faith and God’s provision
Lord your life is you, the source

He began to live as if there
were none but himself and God
Worshipping, holding his spirit
in his presence, called to mind

Here I sit, my God before you
with one choice I’ve opened up
You are holy, I am stupid
but my hope in you won’t stop

When you suffer, nothing helping
do not ask to be relieved
but for strength to endure gladly
for as long as he sees need

Love is glad to suffer for him
though our human nature groans
He is all our consolation
His love more than we have known

Make your heart a humble temple
where you worship constantly
Hold converse in love, don’t wander
Let nothing your God displease

This is hard to start with, truly
and you must act by pure faith
Keep on knocking. In his good time
he will answer – blessed day

If we knew how much he loves us
every grief would have sweetness
Give your thoughts to know him always
and so love shall too increase

Do not seek him for his favours
But by faith seek him alone
We ignore him in our trifling
Banish all, that he be known

Lawrence wrote himself his guidance
Principles of spiritual life
Faith and hope and love, these virtues
persevered in shall suffice

Always look to God, his glory
Aiming to be worshippers
Full of imperfections, needing
God to humble through the years

It is vital to believe that
every trial is from God
For without them pure devotion
or perfection can’t be had

Striving upwards, thus dependent
on God’s grace in conflicts strong
While the world and flesh and devil
wage their war, by grace press on

First and foremost, most essential
is to converse ceaselessly
humbly, lovingly with God and
even more when faith is weak

Constantly by application
let each action small become
an occasion artlessly to
fellowship with God alone

Do all without haste impetuous
thoughtfully and placidly
Asking God to bless our labour
(and) so disarm the enemy

(Speedboat me, why so impatient?
Rushing to conclusions, then
having to amend decisions
Lord forgive and rein me in)

In whatever work, devotion
pause a moment, in your depth
Worship, savour God by stealth and
leave all else to love him best

Faith is sure that God is in us
He knows all, is over all
Perfect, mighty, love deserving
Since we owe it, so perform

Work out all your virtues lacking
What your sins, the ways you fall
In the hour of battle tell him
Find in him grace to prevail

(Mine impatience, indiscretion
Lack of self control, self love
Taking risks and cutting corners
Lust in mind, restraint cast off)

Lawrence poses this one question
How to worship God like this
In the spirit and the truth for
It came from Lord Jesus’ lips

It means worship as we should do
genuinely in our depth
Only God can see this worship
In it union is felt

Worshipping in truth we know that
God is all he only is
Who could not give all his powers
To render worship and praise?

It is also realising
that we distant ones may know
His conforming us unto him
Who would not this service know?

Union with God has three forms
First habitual by grace
Virtual comes with an action
Actual sets the heart ablaze

In this fire the soul is peaceful
Lifted and impelled to love
only God with deep emotions
indescribable as such

But the will must be deprived of
tastes and pleasures of all kinds
so that only through its working
God is known  by love, and found

God is known as present in this
D’recting to him our spirit
Or remembering him via
‘magination or insight

Lawrence knew a man who practised
this approach using his mind
Probably himself he writes of
Forty years God’s presence found

Sometimes hazy or diffuse but
loving gaze, rememb’ring God
Or alertness, wordless speaking
Confidence – such ways described

Summoning his spirit this way
its sharp edge effortlessly
rises over all abiding
and depending happily

He lives now as if there’s only
God and he in all the world
They converse, he only asks for
needs, God gives a million fold

How then to attain God’s presence
First is purity of life
Then is practising his presence
round your actions all the time

It takes time and toil to get there
undisturbed by failing oft
Use such words as ‘God I love you’
but don’t wander from your God

Press on through the difficulty
to the vision of your God
Having lost earthly affections
unattached, this prayer afford

From this presence known comes faith that
works in every part of life
Needs of grace as in temptation
or relationships, supplied

This faith penetrates so fully
that the one knowing this says
I no longer merely believe
I see and experience

Hope discovers beauty in God
infinitely to surpass
earthly bodies and the angels
and sustains the good it asks

Scorn for earthly things imbuing
God is fire who burns to ash
Kindled thus the soul has ardour
eager to fulfill its wish

So familiar in the presence
life is passed most of the time
worshipping with every virtue
in continual exercise

God bestows this simple gaze on
few, a gift of his good hand
If you set yourself to seek it
practice takes you close to find

Lawrence was not stern but friendly
He spoke kindly with insight
and intelligence perceived by
those who met him in his life

He relied on faith’s discov’ry
Words in books seemed insipid
God alone can make himself known
We seek copies – he’s within

We disdain to converse with him
Satisfied with small rewards
By faith reach for his perfections
This the church’s highest cause

He would always pass beyond the
things he met to God himself
Like the leafless tree remembered
Seeing saw the hidden best

Lawrence asked for help in all things
Thank God when he’d done and asked
pardon for shortcomings without
excuses made on his part

Sometimes he forgot this practise
but confessed and carried on
And undisciplined thoughts pushed in
He just let them go again

Finally he reached unbroken
thought of God enjoyable
In the busy kitchen or in
prayer no different, still peaceful

Sometimes he felt that the curtain
of the other life was drawn
So habitual his communion
it was hard elsewhere to turn

Note this practise of the presence
of God is one of the heart
Love, not understanding, gets there
Doing all for love, this mark

He made omelettes for love of God
worshipped for the grace received
Picking up a straw suffices
and communing inwardly

Ah but also he was careful
to do nothing to displease
And forgetting self or virtue
his one duty – live like this

He thought no more of his past sins
nor of future ones to come
God will show us asst we can’t see
Self just hinders coming in love

Even when convinced of lostness
for those years in anguish he
still resolved to do all things for
love of God exclusively

When he heard some dire confession
he was not surprised at all
Man is capable of evil
God allows so all is well

Once when disappointed in a great thing that he’d hoped to do
He accepted their good reasons
and obeyed, withheld his view

Would he rather go to heaven
or stay here and merits gain?
Oh he’d leave that choice to God and
wait in peace his will to find

He had freedom from all preference
From his country unattached
He loved all the same regardless
With eternal view he watched

Never mind what took attention
just provided that he did
every task for love of God then
hard or small his love he’d give

(Loving needy people this day
Serving brethren in small acts
Moving paperwork for duty
Let me love you Lord in that)

Nothing shook him, made him fearful
God would only do him good
His resolve was not to grieve him
but endure, do all for God

He had no director, human
Rule and duties were quite clear
But he needed a confessor
to remit his sins for sure

Person’l inclinations, feelings
change, are not reliable
Self examination like this
is not wise, makes not stable

Lawrence on the contrary was
constant on the path of faith
Taking virtue for each duty
Not reflecting on himself

Visions did not much impress him
being gifts, not God himself
Faith alone he found trustworthy
Novelty he gladly missed

Finally as death approached him
sorrow could not joy expel
Even in sickness and pain he
willingly consented all

Close to death he cried out Faith, faith!
Fearing neither death nor hell
Blessing God with praise and loving
Troubled not with matters else

Nine o’clock, the trumpets sounding
Tranquilly he passed away
Eighty years, leaving a message
that still echoes to this day



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My Friends

I was on the way to visit someone in hospital and stopped at some lights.

I spotted two girls across the road that I recognised from our outreach to the best in Hillfields. I opened the window and waved – no danger of being asked for a lift here.

One of them spotted me and I waved  from my JA liveried car. Look! She said to her friend. It’s the Jesus Army!

Her friend shouted across the road Have you got any …ettes?
What? I called, ready to say no to cigarettes.
Have you got any durex?! She shouted again?
I laughed, said no, waved and drove through the lights, turned green.

I’m glad we have friends like that! So did Jesus.

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Instrument on Loan

spirit of manWhen God breathed life into the first man, he became a spiritual soul
(Genesis 2.7).
Men and women are tripartite, with a spirit, soul and body (1 Thess.5.23). Those are distinct but not separate.

Ecclesiastes 12.7 says that when you die the spirit returns to God who gave it. So it is on loan.
I visualise it as an instrument given to enable us to connect with God and serve him effectively (Romans 1.9 God whom I serve with my spirit; and 1 John 5.20 – your God-ometer, knowing directly).

Your spirit is like a torch with which to understand inner things (Proverbs 20.27 The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord).

With your spirit you receive life and knowings from the Holy Spirit who is ‘alongside to help’ (paraclete). And with your a spirit you convey life and power via your soul and body.
It is the seat of conscience (Romans 9.1 my conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spirit).

It can be defiled (2Cor.7.1, unbelief etc). So we are responsible to look after this amazing instrument. It can get hindered (by sin, wordliness, fatigue etc) and its use can be learned and improved (Hebrews 5.14).

Your spirit needs to be engaged for sincere worship (John 4.24).
What you say carries life if your spirit is involved (John 6.63 my words are spirit).
It is your detector of what’s going on (Mark 2.8 perceiving in his spirit), and speaking in tongues is a way to gear into spiritual life (1 Cor.14.14 pray with the spirit).

God works on us to distinguish between our soul and spirit (Hebrews 4.12 division of soul and spirit), to make us spiritual men and women.

Our highest goal together is oneness of heart and spirit (Phil.1.27 one spirit, Acts 4.32 one heart and soul).

Thank God for the gift of our spirit in our human nature (and of course the gift of the Holy Spirit).

P.S. That’s how I see it; forgive me if any of it is inaccurate.

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Worth The Challenge

On a cold January Sunday night four of us went out into Coventry.
We had a set of challenges to do including giving people Streetpapers, Evangelism 1 27.1.13and singing to people in MacDonald’s.

The first we easy (see photo), but the staff at Mac’s said the manager was unavailable to ask, so we sang to a group of teenagers outside the front door.

Evangelism 2 27.1.13





Nick then spoke to one young man and told him he was to be a leader.Evangelism 3 27.1.13 This blew the guy away as someone else had told him the very same thing. Nick prayed with him (photo), and then spoke to the next young man.

He had been converted to Christ but then backslid when a friend died suddenly. Nick prayed with him too (photo).   Great to see God’s hand on young lives. It was worth the challenge!
Evangelism 4 27.1.13




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Forth Bridge Friends

Forth_bridge_evening_long_exposureIt is an old urban myth that they never stop painting the Forth road bridge because having got to the end of it they need to start again – see footnote.

But the picture of a never ending task rings true. I don’t like to call it a task – better a call of love or something like that, but keeping up with my friends is like this.

They are far and near, all ages, married and single, busy and less busy, in prison and (mostly) out of prison, Christian and not.
And it is a never ending concern to fit in seeing them.

Some I manage only once a year or less. Some more like weekly. And many in between.

I have to find time amidst church life, work, special events, and stuff like sleeping and eating and cutting my toe nails. But of course it’s worth it.

Climbing UK mountains with several friends kills several birds with one stone, to use an inappropriate metaphor. But not everyone can do that or wants to.

Anyway, there are few things in life as important as friendship, so I’ll keep on painting. Nuff said.

Wikipedia says: “Painting the Forth Bridge” is a colloquial expression for a never-ending task, coined on the erroneous belief that at one time in the history of the bridge repainting was required and commenced immediately upon completion of the previous repaint. According to a 2004 New Civil Engineer report on modern maintenance, such a practice never existed, although under British Rail management, and before, the bridge had a permanent maintenance crew.


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Bump Start

bump startI had a good time of prayer and meditation and felt inspired. Then I realised that I had had some caffeine beforehand and the sense of elation was partly due to that.

Have you ever felt edgy and thought your were a poor Christian, and then remembered that you had a really bad night’s sleep. After catching up on sleep you loved everybody!

When I spoke about this a brother recalled a time when he took paracetamol for a week and then had a wonderful house meeting, except he was rather wacky! We laughed at that.

Recently in a large church event we were shown an adrenaline-stirring video – nothing spiritual. You could hear many getting quite emotionally excited. After that the audience seemed more responsive to spiritual inspiration.

Crowd behaviour can be  frightening; people do bad things in crowds that they would never do alone. But also people have powerful spiritual encounters in the charged atmosphere of a Christian crowd. Is that just group behaviour?

Should we only accept as valid those spiritual experiences that we have when free from any artificial stimulants (mormons have ahead start there), and we are rested, healthy and quiet?

Surely not, though keeping our inner man poised is always desirable. We are bodysoulandspirit, not compartmentalised, and one affects the other.

Yes beware of soulish highs (what goes up must come down, I tell some excited youngsters) and lows which you interpret as spiritual, and check what influences may be affecting you, but is it wrong to need a bump start sometimes to get your whole being into gear to receive from God?

Answers on a postcard…

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We’re All A Bit Mad

A bit madI asked the question at  a group meeting: ‘Do you suffer from any mental instability  and what can you do about it?’

Of course everyone did, and had a variety of helpful methods of coping.

‘I have come to accept that I have a tendency towards anxiety and gloom, and that you just have to learn to manage yourself.   Exercise is very helpful.’

‘I have had bouts of anxiety and depression. Medication has been important, and a recent change has helped. I’ve had to measure carefully what I do so as not to overdo it. God has helped a lot, and when I was very depressed I was prayed with and had an experience of quite dramatic healing.’

‘I get anxious and tend to put things off hoping they go away, and then I get guilty about not doing them.’

‘I get anxious, sometimes panic attacks. I distract myself. Playing classical music on the keyboard is very helpful. And a good night’s sleep.’

‘I don’t get mentally unstable but my emotions can be unstable. I tell myself the issue isn’t that important.’

‘I have a diagnosed anxiety condition and autism. I have good days and bad days. I am having cognitive behaviour therapy, and one thing I use a lot is the traffic light method. In an anxiety attack it’s red first – stop doing anything; then amber, think about what’s going on; green, get going again.’

‘I get too absorbed in something and think too much about it. I have to tell myself to forget it.’

‘I have a vivid imagination so I get anxious about things that could happen. I keep myself busy to avoid this.’

‘I have taken decades to realise that I am borderline psychotic. I get worked up about something, pour it out on others, then have to apologise and calm down again. Having seen it I hope I can spot it coming and avoid the implosion.’

A lot of it is self management, which is what CBT is about too.
But God is at work. The only totally sane person to have ever lived is Jesus. The rest of us are all a bit mad.

The bible says be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so inviting the Holy Spirit into your mind and emotions to renew them is good. In the group we did just that.

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