The Long Song part 1

Or a daily meditation
Or observations on the Christian life

1 God the source
1a Creation
1b Salvation
2 Incarnation
3 Conversion
4 Beginnings
5 Belonging
6 Needing to change
Seeing the need
Needing to see more
6a Sin
7 Pain of growing
8 Discipleship and Accountability
10 Friendship & brotherhood
11 Pressing on and battle
11a Life’s events
12 Questioning
13 The Holy Spirit and gifts
13a Sons of God
14 Angels
15 Faith and prayer
16 Not the world
17 The kingdom and the Body of Christ
18 A true heart
19 Backsliding
20 Winning souls and witness
21 Loving humanity
22 Loving Creation
23 The Bible
24 Sons & daughters
25 Love for the church and brethren
26 Building the church – Questioning how
26a Prophetic and the word
27 Heroes of the faith
28 Selfishness
29 My humanity
30 Seeking
31 What spiritual love is
32 Holiness
33 Secrets (and the cross)
34 Loving God
34a Brother Lawrence
34b Madame Guyon
35 Overcoming sin
36 Brokenness and humility
37 Maturity and leadership
38 Renewal and refreshing
39 Service
40 Marriage & celibacy
41 Love wins
42 Faithful brethren
43 Brevity of Life
44 Suffering
45 God’s faithfulness and mercy
46 Community
47 Last things
47a Death
48 Union
49 Celebration
50 Eternity
51 Consecration

Italics mean better verses

This my story as a Christian
How to change my heart and ways
from a normal selfish person
to the love that Jesus gave

Chorus (as often as needed)
God is love, and he has loved us
at the cross, in Christ the Lamb
Love is being perfected in us
Come let’s glorify his name!

Writing verses for inclusive
coverage of life’s broad swathe
You will recognise in reading
many echoes from your path

Cheesy verses, some will cringe at
by the thousand, but I hope
that there are some that pass muster
to convey a touch of gold

1 God the source
Long before the world was founded
God the Son our Lamb was slain
This was love’s great inspiration
thus a multitude to gain

We were hostile once to heaven
holding up a fist to God
But he showed his love beforehand
Enemies can be restored

 Nor was I a chance invention
Love espied me from afar
Chosen, called, and I consenting
gathered into love’s great heart

 Love has bought me for his project
To be fashioned like to him
Though I’m rough and base material
I believe that love shall win

Love eternal, pre-existing
Father and begotten Son
with the Spirit in procession
Love is Three and Love is One

One, the Father, uncreated
Two the Son, con-substantial
and begotten, not created
Myst’ry of our God revealed
Three, the Holy Spirit, sovereign
co-eternal, coequal
He proceeds in holy glory, from
Son and Father full circle

Why did Jesus have to be God
and not just a perfect man?
Firstly he was born of woman
She was fallen not divine
But the greatest reason clearly
is that God himself has come
died and risen, loved us truly
by no delegated son

Father loved the Son in Spirit
and purposed a priceless gift
Spoke a universe to being
and man whom the Son pre-fits
And to win our love God let us
fall from truth, become his foes
So the Lamb took all our judgement
then from death in glory rose
Now the Spirit births a nation
those who have found love sublime
We shall be one bride for Jesus
Love-gift past the end of time

1a Creation

First the light in love’s conception
of a universe begun
What a cavalcade of wonder!
And the highest work was man

Living creatures in profusion
Angels, animals and more
See, the author of creation
loves diversity galore

All the colours of the rainbow
and the spectrum far beyond
Love’s the artist and designer
Depths of God cannot be plumbed

Three words written, ‘the stars also’
‘By the way, the universe’
Earth was teeming with new creatures
when God made them at the first

Flies and wasps on sun bright blue slide
searching for the food they need
marvels of God’s engineering –
carbon, cells all work, complete
Don’t tell me that evolution
with no source of novelty
and a self correcting system
can produce such fine machines
That some quarks should pop from nothing
and escape, inflation-wise
That the elements constructed
should make life feasible – why?
That a species can be unchanged
for a million years or more
while another forms new organs
You believe but I’ll deplore
Well my friends, cat, insects, plant life
here we are beneath the sun
We share the same understanding
God gave us this life as one
So I tell you as your master
delegated by our Lord
Praise him with your leaf and feather,
wing and wriggle, him applaud

1b Salvation
God made all things and pronounced them
very good, his handiwork
Man the summit, man and woman
made the heart of God to serve
But in providential wisdom
discord came into the realm
Satan stole their hearts and spoiled them
From friendship with God they fell
So far fallen, sin is rampant
down the centuries its stain, has
ruined beauty, spread its evil
grieved the heart of God with pain
Are you hopeless and despairing
Is your heart weighed down with fear?
Is there no one with the answer
How can we escape from here?
But a figure enters softly
on the stage with different light
All who meet him find a heart beat
shedding love in earth’s dark night
No one understood the mystery
as the Lamb of God was killed
Heart of God in man so broken
or what precious blood was spilled
God was joining wrath and mercy
in his Son on our behalf
Opening the door of hope to
countless helpless bleeding hearts
When the door of death flung open
and Jesus arose with joy
hearts leaped with him, new creation!
We can now with heaven join
Let your heart take courage people
We have this great victory sign
Christ is risen, he has conquered
and he reigns to end of time!



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