Posted by: piersdy | April 21, 2015

Making It Sweet

A man walking toward a woman who appears to be a ghost.Time is a strange thing. We live on the fine moving line between the next moment and the last. I am an observer watching events pass me into the shadow land of memory, and it can feel quite melancholy as everything passes away (1 John 2.17). Is there anything that we can hold on to, that does not empty into the ocean of the silent fading past?

I was thinking about this the other day, and of course talking to God is above time. He does not pass away or change, and nothing I give to him is lost.
Then I was talking to people at work, at Goodness Foods Wholesale which is run by JFC people. In several short conversations I enjoyed the inspiration of thoughts on spiritual realities; we touched hearts and agreed on the goodness of grace. In one case a friend told me of some sadness stemming from past trauma and I prayed with him; at lunch time another old friend talked about a personal matter and we prayed together. Life flows in such ways.
At home we had a neighbour round for a meal and before she went we blessed her with a prayer.

In such ways a day is lifted from being sand through the fingers of time to the joy of moments touching the eternal and the divine. That is what makes life sweet.


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