Posted by: piersdy | April 21, 2015

Is Life Futile?

black and white close-up a hand with sand streaming through the fingers‘Vanity, all is vanity’, says the preacher of Ecclesiastes. The Hebrew is apparently ‘vapour’, so it might also be expressed as ‘fleeing’ or ‘futile’.

Do you ever wonder what your life amounts to? You work, struggle, enjoy the moment, and days pass by like the view from a train. What will I have to show for all that I’ve done? It’s been thought before.

So what will we really take with us, or send ahead, to the day of reckoning before God? The bible says we shall all give account (Romans 14.12), like stewards entrusted with resources and required to account for our use of them.

One thing that goes with us is our quality of character. God employs every circumstance to fashion our souls, and I guess that our capacity to love with God’s love will be the measure of our character growth (Colossians 1.28). God alone can assess that.
But I also think that the treasure we lay up in heaven (Luke 12.33) will be seen in everyone who is there and testifies that we (I, you) loved and helped them (1 Corinthians 3.12-15, Matthew 25.40).

We can produce something eternal in two other ways. If we cause anyone to comment that God is great because of what we do, that counts (Matthew 5.16).
And when we worship God in spirit and truth (John 4.23,24), loving him freely, then heaven enjoys it and our gold silver and precious stones are added to.

So is life futile? Without expressing the life of the Holy Spirit in love for others, or in glorifying God, yes it is.


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